Monday, January 31, 2011

Profile of one before

Homeward serenely she walked with God's benediction upon her.
When she had passed, it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music.

He grasped ideas about the laws of the heavens by simply doodling in sand - his own passionate excitement was so overwhelming the war amongst his brethren was something unnoticed.
This man, this 'God's mind's penetraitor',was confronted by one of his generations currents, a frail enemy soldier, and asked what was he doing - "Dear Sir, leave me be, for the completion of this chart, will show at once a diagram of a relation hidden for generations, and, if you agree, we shall be honored for eternity and remembered by far more a number than that of the current living. Hark, look at this, grasp your mind around the meaning of this idea - see this circle see this idea.. see how beautiful.." and at once he was stabbed.

Archimedes grasped the Mind of God - and in turn, was smote by an Earthly sword. The man Achilles brought empires to their knees, and crumbled the tainted dynasties of those long ago - still, the name Archimedes is remembered like his, showing the discoverer of ideas, as well as that conquerer of Nations, also wins immortality.

"He smote his breast and chided thus his heart - Endure my heart, for worse has thou endured."
- Virgil

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